Dan River Nonprofit Network

Dan River Nonprofit Network
308 Craghead Street

Dan River Nonprofit Network
The mission of the Dan River Nonprofit Network is to facilitate connections, provide the necessary educational support to raise the level of nonprofit professionalism; and provide tools to ensure increased nonprofit effectiveness in accomplishing the missions in the Dan River Region (Pittsylvania County, Danville City and Caswell County).
The Network has four primary goals to accomplish its own mission:
     To provide education and training: provide and/or coordinate training opportunities to address educational needs at the board, executive, and staff levels, second, to become a networking hub: established avenues for leaders, staff, and volunteers of Dan River nonprofits to share, learn, communicate, and connect with each other, third, to become and information clearinghouse: provide a source from which nonprofits can learn about and access opportunities to share resources with other regional nonprofits, fourth, to create opportunities for shared resources: negotiate with businesses and suppliers to contract reduced nonprofit prices.

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