Old Caswell County Jail

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Location: Yanceyville Court Square

The old Caswell County Jail building is located immediately southwest of the historic 1861 Caswell County Courthouse. Built in 1906, the Jail is a two-story brick Romanesque Revival style building with segmental-arched windows and a rich brick corbel cornice. The back left room of the first floor and the entire second story were used to house prisoners. Here are found the original iron cells, gallows, and doors made by Stewart Jail Works Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Restoration Plaque

The remainder of the building, consisting of the five rooms on the first story, served as the jailer’s living quarters, with a metal food slot between the jailer’s kitchen and the first-floor prisoners’ quarters. The jailer often was the Caswell County Sheriff who, with his family, occupied the Jail along with the prisoners.

The last jail in North Carolina to be built with a gallows, the old jail held prisoners until 1975.